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New song....

2008-12-14 19:41:14 by XTriNovaX

New song, check it out. /194703

Master plans...

2008-12-13 00:22:04 by XTriNovaX

NOTE: I am insane, so if you dont want to waste 30 seconds of your life, dont read this.
1. Make lots of music and art.
2. Get popular on newgrounds.
3. Start zombie group.
4. Turn zombie group into actual zombies.
5. Take over the world.
6. Eat cheesecake and mineral watter off the backs of gem encrusted dinosaurs.
My plans are teh epic :D

And for something relevant. im starting on a new song. Now what genre should it be? DnB? Trance again? Dance? Hardcore? Polka?


2008-12-12 21:36:04 by XTriNovaX

Its done! Its finally done! Triage is finished! On to more stuff... :D

A new trance song

2008-12-12 02:18:13 by XTriNovaX

I have a great trance song coming up. First song done in FL Studio. I'm gonna call it triage. I have had a insanely hard time mastering it, so don't expect it out until a couple days.

You can almost taste the epic!

A new trance song

Damn it....

2008-12-11 17:41:06 by XTriNovaX

I killed my last account by screwing up the email, so heres my new one. Is my name stupid? I'm trying to get a good one that isn't as stuped as my last one (DJ Synth.... XP) but one i like.