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2009-12-11 03:18:00 by XTriNovaX

I really need to make/get better profile images. I made these back when I was 13 thinking they were cool (I had just got photoshop) and now I realize filters are the equivalent to using the Amen loop in everything. Any suggestions? Am I just over anaylizing?

I'm Back!

2009-10-15 20:12:46 by XTriNovaX

But was I ever gone?

Got SONAR 8 Producer edition

2009-07-04 02:03:26 by XTriNovaX

not much else to say.

Got SONAR 8 Producer edition

New stuff coming soon...

2009-05-27 00:25:35 by XTriNovaX

Got a long DnB/Ambient piece coming.


2009-04-13 01:17:48 by XTriNovaX

My dads studio got featured in the news: 2.html?video=pop&t=a


2009-03-29 18:45:33 by XTriNovaX

Workin on new stuff, put the album idea on haitus.

New album....

2009-02-03 23:53:23 by XTriNovaX

The reason I haven't made any music lately (If anyone cares :P) Is because I'm working on a album. I have one song done as of now, and have started on another. I've already started on album artwork and have a really cool photo of the moon (It looks like a planet) which I will probably edit in Photoshop and add 3D elements in with Lightwave 9. I might even add a landscape with Bryce 6. The album is about the planets in are solar system. The music will use themes from the planet its about. If I get enough feedback, I will keep you guys posted.

See ya in a few months!


2008-12-31 20:32:30 by XTriNovaX

Happy new year!


2008-12-17 20:00:56 by XTriNovaX

Ive had my break, time to get to more music.
(>'.')> Tri Nova <('.'<)

getting tired....

2008-12-15 14:50:00 by XTriNovaX

I'm gonna go on hiatus for a couple days, just need to get inspired some more. Be back in a while :D