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2008-12-17 20:00:56 by XTriNovaX

Ive had my break, time to get to more music.
(>'.')> Tri Nova <('.'<)


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2008-12-17 22:11:48

wow ian...

XTriNovaX responds:

wow alex...


2008-12-18 14:56:30

Hey Xtri,

The big problem with any possible collabing is that I use logic studio. Maybe 5% of newgrounders use that and the other 95% use fruity loops, reason, and cubase...not sure if anyone uses acid anymore. If you use logic than than maybe we can get something going. If not, well :( ....

I have a snippet of my trance demo. Lame so far, but some of your ideas might give me inspiration.

Bye for now

XTriNovaX responds:

ya well, i dont have logic. I have reason 3, acid 6, soundforge 8, fl studio 8, and traktion. O well :P


2008-12-26 20:14:44

i will never know when you are serious and when you are not

XTriNovaX responds:

thats teh mageks of ian